We have applied our deep transportation and supply chain knowledge to assist clients in legal and regulatory matters.

Expert Witness

  • Serve as expert witness
  • Identify outside expert witnesses
  • Develop witness presentations and preparation
  • Develop verified statements

Litigation Support

  • Damages estimates
  • Causation analysis
  • Regulatory analysis
  • Strategy development

Case Studies

  • Expert Damages Reports

    A company transportation manager orchestrated a kick-back scheme with transportation providers in exchange for business. Company submitted damages request to its business insurance companies. Attorneys for insurance companies asked us to assist in reviewing the company's damage claim and develop an independent assessment of the damages.  Damages assessment was complicated by fact that there are no tariff rates for these types of services. 

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  • Expert Witness for Trucking Bankruptcy

    Accounting firm had been the auditor for a truck line that declaired bankruptcy and was liquidated.  Accounting firm was sued by bankruptcy trustee for damages.  We were brought to the team by the accounting firm’s attorneys as the trucking industry experts.

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