3PL / Intermediaries

We have assisted numerous warehousing providers, eFulfillment companies, brokers, transportation management companies, forwarders, and other supply chain intermediaries to help better support their customers and identify new opportunities.

Commercial Process Development

  • Market/industry/competitor assessment
  • New product/service development
  • Customer segmentation and targeting
  • Channel strategy
  • Pricing improvement


  • Corporate strategy
  • Growth strategies
    • Organic
    • Acquisition
  • Capital investment planning

Operations Improvement

  • Network design
  • Improved productivity/asset utilization
  • Equipment planning
  • Technology assessment
  • Strategic sourcing

Case Studies

  • Develop 3PL Business Plan

    Client was active in transportation industry and wanted to determine if there was an opportunity to develop a 3PL for the bulk commodities markets. However, client did not know what commodities had the best opportunities, capabilities required, what service offerings provided the greatest potential customer value, and the most attractive target customers.

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  • Develop 3PL eFulfillment Strategy

    Client was a successful 3PL serving traditional brick and mortar based markets, but felt there were significant opportunities to develop a strong eFulfillment offering for existing and new customers. While client had dipped toe into eFulfillment, it believed it needed to better understand the eFulfillment market and sub-segments and capabilities required to grow in the eCommerce/eFulfillment space.

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