Manufacturers, Distributors and Retailers

The supply chain is a key component of the business strategy for many manufacturers, distributors, and retailers.  We have assisted clients in developing more efficient and effective supply chains, and in leveraging the supply chain to achieve strategic goals.  Our supply chain clients span consumer and industrial products, as well as bulk commodities.

Operations Improvement

  • Warehouse operations
  • Transportation sourcing and execution
  • Technology assessment and implementation

Supply Chain Strategy

  • Development of new supply chain
  • Customer-responsive strategies
  • Alternative mode, carrier, and routing strategies
  • Supply chain modeling
  • eCommerce fulfillment strategy
  • Using the supply chain as a competitive weapon

Supply Chain Design

  • Inbound and outbound synchronization
  • Modal alternative trade-offs
  • Warehousing/distribution center network design
  • eFulfillment
  • Reverse logistics/returns
  • Strategic sourcing

Case Studies

  • Agricultural Products Supply Chain Improvement

    Client was an industry group that funds initiatives to improve the agricultural products supply chain to benefit farmers and the ag community. We worked with client to identify and study potential opportunities to add capacity and/or lower supply chain costs.

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  • Develop 3PL eFulfillment Strategy

    Client was a successful 3PL serving traditional brick and mortar based markets, but felt there were significant opportunities to develop a strong eFulfillment offering for existing and new customers. While client had dipped toe into eFulfillment, it believed it needed to better understand the eFulfillment market and sub-segments and capabilities required to grow in the eCommerce/eFulfillment space.

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  • HVAC Supply Chain Improvement

    A leading HVAC manufacturer had declining profit in its light commercial product line. With 100 SKUs and seasonal demand, its perceived options included either immense inventory spread throughout the U.S., or significant lost sales. With high margins, neither alternative was ideal. Simultaneously, shareholders expected significant bottom-line growth.

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  • Mining Supply Chain Design

    Client was developing a new mine to serve the export market. A supply chain had to be designed to move product from the mine to the ports. We assisted the client in better understanding its supply chain options through flow-based, fault-based simulation modeling.

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  • Regional Parcel Market Assessment

    Client wanted to better understand the growing and evolving regional small parcel market.

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  • Supply Chain Turnaround

    An importer/distributor of furniture, building materials, and artwork had runaway inventories, disgruntled customers, high damage claims, and declining profits. With limited purchasing power and inconsistent service, the company was not profitable.

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