Private Equity

We have assisted private equity clients through dozens of projects related to transportation and logistics, including 3PLs, carriers, technology providers, warehousing providers, equipment suppliers, port terminal operators, eFulfillment providers, and brokers.  We have also assisted private equity clients in understanding the supply chain issues for their manufacturing and distributing investment companies.

Acquisition Diligence

  • Market and competitive analysis
  • Target competitive positioning and growth prospects
  • Target customer satisfaction
  • Customer unmet needs
  • Growth opportunities (organic and add-on acquisition)
  • Capital plan validation
  • Operations and technology assessments

Pre-Bid Advisory

  • Industry and competitive overview and assessment
  • Target selection
  • Valuation assistance

Post-Acquisition Strategy

  • Organic growth planning
  • Selling strategies - target segments and value propositions
  • Potential add-on acquisitions
  • Productivity improvement, cost take-out
  • Investment strategy

Pre-Sale Advisory

  • Understand value to strategic buyers
  • Financial trade-off of options to position for strategic buyers
  • Assessment of options for achieving scale

Case Studies

  • PE Acquisition

    Private Equity client was considering acquring a trucking services company.  Client needed a better understanding of market size and growth for service offered, how the target acquisition company added value to its customers, and competitive positioning.

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  • Post Acquisition Growth Strategy

    Private equity client and their newly acquired transportation company wanted to develop a growth strategy.  Based upon our industry knowledge, contacts, and given that we had performed the market and competitive acquisition diligence we were asked to assist in the process. 

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