Strategic Planning for Rail Supply Company

Client Issue

Company was challenged by a weak competitive position, a high cost structure, and its financial condition.  Client needed a plan to succeed short-term while improving its overall position long-term.  The client asked us to lead its annual strategic and tactical planning process for several years.

Project Approach

  • Conduct internal management interviews to identify perceptions of company strengths and weaknesses/inhibitors
    • Analyzed perceived strengths and weaknesses to determine actual postilion
    • Reviewed with management team so everyone had common understanding of positioning, challenges, and opportunities
  • Conducted research into key market segments to understand changing demand patterns and competitive dynamics
  • Developed short-term and long-term change options and implications to the company of pursuing each
  • Facilitated annual 2-day strategic planning sessions for client senior management team to review change options and agree upon short and long-term initiatives
  • Assisted the company in developing and executing plans for the agreed-upon change initiatives

Client Results

Client was highly successful in growing market share and financial performance.  Leveraging our market knoweldge and industry contacts we also assisted client in succeeding in markets that they otherwise might not have participated in.