Expert Witness for Trucking Bankruptcy

Client Issue

Accounting firm had been the auditor for a truck line that declaired bankruptcy and was liquidated.  Accounting firm was sued by bankruptcy trustee for damages.  We were brought to the team by the accounting firm’s attorneys as the trucking industry experts.

Project Approach

  • Acquired and analyzed database of trucking company performance to determine that bankrupt company was a poor performer vs. peers
  • Analyzed data and trucking company bankruptcies to demonstrate that industry as a whole went through a very challenging period that led to a spike in overall bankruptcies
  • Created an analysis that showed that the bankruptcy was a result of the truck line's underperformance and the general market downturn
  • Developed expert report and worked with expert witness on his report (we facilitated recruitment of retired CEO of leading truck line as expert)
  • Reviewed trustee expert witness reports and assisted attorneys in preparing for cross examination

Client Results

Client accounting firm won the case. Arbitration panel singled out several pieces of our analysis as key to their findings.