Transportation Support

An industry as large as transportation and logistics has its own ecosphere of equipment manufacturers, lessors, technology providers, other suppliers, and other stakeholders.  

Commercial Process Development

  • Market/industry/competitor assessment
  • New product/service development
  • Customer segmentation and targeting
  • Channel strategy
  • Pricing improvement


  • Corporate strategy
  • Growth strategies
    • Organic
    • Acquisition
  • Capital investment planning

Operations Improvement

  • Network design
  • Improved productivity/asset utilization
  • Equipment planning
  • Technology assessment
  • Strategic sourcing

Case Studies

  • Leasing Company Strategy

    Company was successful transportation equipment leasing company, but was interested in better understanding potential growth opportunity through leasing other types of equipment. We assisted the client in understanding the attractiveness of the new segments and options for entering the new market(s). 

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  • Strategic Planning for Rail Supply Company

    Company was challenged by a weak competitive position, a high cost structure, and its financial condition.  Client needed a plan to succeed short-term while improving its overall position long-term.  The client asked us to lead its annual strategic and tactical planning process for several years.

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