Post Acquisition Growth Strategy

Client Issue

Private equity client and their newly acquired transportation company wanted to develop a growth strategy.  Based upon our industry knowledge, contacts, and given that we had performed the market and competitive acquisition diligence we were asked to assist in the process. 

Project Approach

  • Facilitated workshop with PE and company senior management to identify and prioritize potential growth options
  • Validated top opportunities through primary and secondary research, including requirements to succeed
  • Based on initial findings, conducted additional workshop to re-prioritize options and to refine others
  • Conducted additional research to thoroughly determine potential opportunity for the top three growth options
  • Worked jointly with company team-leads to develop implementation work plans
  • Facilitated developing the working relationship between the PE and the management team

Client Results

Developed a common knowledge base for the PE and operating company management team on market, growth opportunities, and cost complexities and inhibitors to pursuing them.  Company is executing on the plan.