Leasing Company Strategy

Client Issue

Company was successful transportation equipment leasing company, but was interested in better understanding potential growth opportunity through leasing other types of equipment. We assisted the client in understanding the attractiveness of the new segments and options for entering the new market(s). 

Project Approach

  • Analyzed new potential equipment leasing market segments
  • Profiled the competitive landscape
  • Interviewed customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders to understand:
    • Current and expected future equipment strategy
    • Leasing vs. ownership trade-offs and trends
    • Satisfaction with current leasing suppliers
    • Other pain points
    • Potential leasing rates
  • Assessed economics and returns from entering new market
  • Evaluated potential market entry options

Client Results

Our work identified a key change occurring in the market that presented both opportunities and challenges.  We assisted the client in developing a market entry strategy that they have been successfully pursuing.