Develop 3PL Business Plan

Client Issue

Client was active in transportation industry and wanted to determine if there was an opportunity to develop a 3PL for the bulk commodities markets. However, client did not know what commodities had the best opportunities, capabilities required, what service offerings provided the greatest potential customer value, and the most attractive target customers.

Project Approach

  • Conducted primary and secondary research to identify commodities most likely to benefit from a bulk 3PL service
  • Conducted client working session to review initial findings and identify commodities for deeper analysis
  • Analyzed supply chain cost and operational performance to assess potential for a bulk 3PL to add value
  • For top potential opportunities, interviewed customers and service providers to identify and understand supply chain gaps and constraints
  • Assessed value proposition of new 3PL services, requirements for client to be a credible service provider (e.g., technology, skills), and potential financial opportunity for client

Client Results

Client successfully launched bulk 3PL business in initial market segment, with plans to add segments over time.  Added management and technology capabilities to support growth and expansion into additional segments.